bmi: 95 kg 176 cm

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bmi: 95 kg 176 cm

BMI Prime is simple way of defining a single figure that is not immedieately related to any other units of measurement, but which can quickly and easily rank a person into a category. Eg: * BMI Prime < 0.74 = Underweight.
* BMI Prime > 0.74 and < 1.00 = Optimal weight.
* BMI Prime > 1 = Overweight.

This BMI checker will quickly and easily show if your weight is ideal, underweight or obese.


Enter your statistics to see if you have a healthy body mass.

Bmi Prime is a variation of the Quetelet index. If you have a Prime of less than 0.74, you are underweight. If your prime is more than 0.74 and less than 1.00, your weight is ideal. If your BMI prime is more than 1 you are defined as being overweight.