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Imperial Body Mass Index Calculator

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Devised all the way back in way back in 1830, the Body Mass Index is a single figure used to as a way of measuring a person's body shape. Put simply, it is calculated by dividing the body's weight by the square of their height. Eg: Kilograms: weight, divided by Metres (Meters): height.

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Health difficulties from being overweight

These difficulties are associated with obese and overweight adults

Adults whose Body Mass Index is greater than 25 (overweight) or whose BMI is greater than 30 (obese) have a marked increase in risk for various diseases and health conditions, including,:

Body Mass Index Formula

You can use the following formula to calculate your BMI:

    BMI = weight(kilograms) / height2 (metres2)         (Metric Units)
    BMI = 703 . weight(pounds) / height2 (inches2)         (Imperial Units)